What is PwnSauce?

Greetings, and welcome to my dungeon. What is PwnSauce you ask? Sit back and I shall weave a tale...

Many moons ago, twas a show called Tenacious D with Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

Twas a tale of 2 musicians in search of fame and fortune. Behold their genius!

In the epic of The Pick of Destiny (awesome movie by the way), wise sages often spoke tell of Rock-it Sauce.

A sauce of such immense power, it bestows the ability to rock the night away.

But lo! Satan attempts to take someone to hell, and he is nigh indestructible!

FEAR NOT MY CHILDREN! For they challenge him to a rock off.

And his weakness??? Rock-it sauce.

PwnSauce is this same ambrosia bestowed upon me from the heavens.

It grants all power to fight the horde, plunder the village, and pull all the hot babes like a Norse god, again and again.

Sages far and wide have often said tell of it's magical prowess. But do you have what it takes to quest for glory??

If yes, all brave adventures may contact me on the home page.