Ways to fight the coming dystopian totalitarian dictatorship

Facebook, Youtube, Google, and many other companies are censoring people en masse

They created their platforms, got many people of the world to become dependent on them and their services. Then they pulled the rug out from under their feet when they have an opinion different from the rulers at their companies. So what can I do to prevent this happening to you???

The solution is decentralization of power

Let's look at Mail Chimp, who is also involved in censoring people for "thought crimes"... MailChimp is an email list building web app that let's you put their code on your site. You can then build an email list on the mail chimp servers, and you pay money based on the amount of people on your list. But they kick you off when you say something they disapprove of (even though it's not illegal), or if the entire media makes you a pariah. This has happened to many big name people already, and many who aren't well known. This has also been happening on places like shopify as well, even though people weren't selling or doing anything illegal.

To get around this problem, you can either sue them (which might take years), or you can program that same functionality on your own server with your own code that does the same thing. That way you own it, and no one can shut you down. Whether it's just for an email list building app, or whatever program you want to run: I can make alternatives to pretty much anything. You can test many of my programs that solve these sorts of problems for yourself on the PORTFOLIO page.