Bill Gates Is Evil And Wants Vaccine Depopulation


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In case you didn't know, there is a law in the US that allows vaccine makers to not get sued if their vaccine hurts you. It's called 42 USC ss300aa-22(b)(1). And the following video at the bottom exposes the conflicts of interest in all the people hyping the coronavirus, like Bill Gates. They stand to gain from it, but not be punished for their fuck ups. And in their currect test for a vaccine, "after the 2nd dose, at least 80% of the people experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers".

Then watch him stumble, stutter, and NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION on whether or not they're safe

The companies who are making the vaccines get taxpayer money, and will also be selling them FOR PROFIT, not at cost, even though they got taxpayer money for it. Personally, I don't trust anything the government. media, or doctors tell me, because they've been wrong millions of times, and I've been eating in a manner they claim should have killed me 1,000's of times, but instead saved my life from severe illnesses and death (I eat raw meat, raw milk, raw eggs, raw fish - don't do the same unless you know what you're doing, because not everything is safe to eat raw)... So if you want to inject chemicals and diseases in you that might make you sterile, paralyzed, or kill you (watch for 20 seconds, this is his TED talk), then go right ahead, but ask yourself...

Do you really want to be a lab rat???

Exposing the conflict of interest

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