CBS News Caught Staging A Fake Coronavirus Waiting Line


They hype the event when none exists

I've been referring to this Coronavirus as a joke since it began. Dubbed the Plandemic by someone clever. But Project Veritas exposes how the fake news media, yet again, creates more worthless drivel to push a narrative. All the more reason to abandon their platforms, and create your own.

I've heard stuff from people saying the virus is man made and created in a lab with something similar to HIV... I don't know, and I can't prove it.

But none of it scares me

Why? Because I've been eating raw meat, raw milk, raw eggs, and raw fish almost everyday since 2005. I have had every disease you can imagine that comes from food, I've always used nothing but herbs to fix the problem too, and it's usually fine within 1 - 7 days, depending on how aggressive I was when fixing it. Granted, you don't just eat any ol' thing raw. There are precautions you must take, or you're guaranteed to have problems. As for some of the problems I've fixed with nothing but herbs (this is not comprehensive):

  1. Fevers and chills??? Easy fix.
  2. Rashes, hives, puking, diarrhea?? Still easy.
  3. Worms dying off and coming out of my ass?? Even easier.
  4. My eyes, lips and throat swelling up so much I could barely breathe?? No problem.
  5. Coughing and sneezing so painful it feels like sandpaper has lined under the skin of my entire body, and between all my joints while it's simultaneously ripped out?? Had it. Easy fix.

I don't believe in pharmaceutical drugs, and I know the average person probably isn't ballsy enough to do what I do, but if you do go the drug route: look into Hydroxychloroquin. People take it with Zinc and something else I forgot about. Note that that and fish tank cleaner are 2 separate things. People have been having major success with it. It's also super cheap, and has been used for a very long time.



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