Good Cop Greg Anderson Potentially Fired For Caring About Constitutional Rights


Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

I don't like 9 out of 10 cops. I've had too much bad experience with them. For the 9 of 10 I've had face to face personal experience with (and I'm referring the scams they often pull), they were the most arrogant, insulting, dishonorable people I have ever met.

But this guy Greg Anderson is one of the rare few I like. During this Coronahoax, Greg talks about how the Consitution still applies, and that the police cannot, and should not follow illegal orders from the governor, mayor, or whoever the ruler may be. His video below has been seen by millions across various platforms. See why for yourself:

And here he talks about his firing

He says "administrative leave pending termination", but we all know that's a euphemism for being fired.

Run for Sheriff Greg!

Do that, and they won't be able to kick you out so easily, because Sheriff's are elected, not hired by a board of police.

Greg's Instagram social media if you're interested in helping him out





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