File A Discrimination Complaint Against Business Mask Nazi's Denying Service


Sick of the fake Covid / Coronavirus discrimination???

The time to sue was yesterday, but you can still do it

Your underwear couldn't even block a fart, and I've had multiple posts stating facts from the WHO, CDC, and other top medical journals clearly stating that the masks are useless, showing how news companies make fake hype to conjure up this false narrative, the hospitals are empty, and dumbass nurses making dance routine videos. Even back in August 2020, the CDC admitted that only 6% of the people who died had Covid listed as the only cause, whereas everyone else had an average of 2.6 other severe health problems like cancer, heart disease, etc.... But they blame the "rona" to drum up fear, and got free money from the government for it.

Anyways, here's some resources to get you started. Now the lady in the video below (here's her website, and I'm putting this video of hers on my Brighteon below since YouTube is evil), well I don't agree with all she has to say, but she has some good suggestions to educate, and put fear in people for violating your rights. She makes that all clear too. So I like her.

She has a lot of good laws researched, and even dug into the CFR! I'm surprised she even knew of it's existence, because the average person has never heard of it. Nevertheless, most of it is simple things you can do to educate and open the door for a bigger conversation. and get people to question what they're told..

If you go for an actual lawsuit, you're going to have to either sue them yourself, which you can learn here, and it's easy, or you can find a Civil rights lawyer. Remember, this is a constitutional Republic, not a Democracy, and your rights don't disappear because the mob desires it. Don't forget that people like Jesus were murdered because powerful people didn't like what he had to say and how he was calling out their BS. Things like that became the foundation for the system we have now... But if only the people knew their rights, they wouldn't be tolerating this crap.

If you can't see how 500 people in a Walmart is "safe", but 5 people in a mom and pop shop isn't...

Then you truly are an idiot, and you will get what you deserve.

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