How To Make Raw Cheese From Raw Milk - Ancient Cheesemaking - SOFT


With this method, you can make cheese without rennet, vinegar, mesophilic, or thermophilic cultures

It's all done with kefir whey

You can also make Mozarella cheese with this method

I forgot to mention that in the video, but once the cheese is curdled right after pouring the kefir whey in (before I say to culture it for 12 hours), you can collect the curd with your hands, and squeeze / massage the excess whey out. This is basically raw mozarella, tastes fairly flavorless like mozarella, but it's not stretchy like pasteurized mozarella. Modern day mozarella is made by pouring boiling water over the curd, which helps make it stretchy. I don't do that because I don't like milk that isn't raw, but it's your choice.

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