Government Waste - Covid "Relief" Package Has Nothing To Do With Covid


Look at the 5593 page bill yourself to prove what I'm about to say

The "relief" bill is right here. Don't forget they had 6 hours to vote on it. In it you have:

Do you really think these people love / care about you when they put stuff like this in it to screw you??

More reasons why Trump vetoed it

This is all no different from the Patriot Act

The only difference is more people are awake to the scams now, because these crooks have been pulling this shit for longer than I've been alive. Even back to Eisenhower's days. If you want to see a good video on how the Patriot Act screwed us and how much bullshit it is, I suggest the Penn and Teller: Bullshit - Big Brother episode on it. It's funny and to the point.

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