How To Make Election Fraud Software In 5 Minutes


How it's done

Evidence of Dominion Voter Fraud, and Biden / Democrat Corruption

Just watch the video. I show a tiny fraction of what's actually available. There's are 10's of thousands of videos of shady activity going on, voter intimidation, etc. I won't put them here because many of them are hosted by regular people trying to help lawyers get evidence, and I don't want them to be bombarded with bandwidth costs. If you want more, consider watching a recent video on this by Project Veritas, or use as a search engine. There is so much fraud that you have to be completely insane to think there is no evidence, or you're a crook who wants to gaslight people into falling for your scam. And because of all this evience, Trump is going to challenge it, and he's going to win, because it's so obvious. The mainstream media is not the final say in who is the President. There's a process, and Trump is following it. Soon enough, orange man will win, and crooks will be going to jail.

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