Hong Kong Protest Demonstrations On Extradition Bill Prove China Can't Be Trusted With Technology Or Power


Pay attention to what's happening in HK

Earlier in 2019, someone from Hong Kong vacationed to Taiwan with his girlfriend and killed her there. I don't know if it was an accident or murder, but she died.

Hong Kong is part of China, but it has a separate government from mainland China. This lets them have more freedom than their counter parts: More free speech, etc, so they're practically 2 different countries. And since the death occurred in Taiwan, the HK government has no jurisdiction to prosecute the man. So a new extradition law was on it's way to being passed, granting the Chinese government the power to take people from HK, ship them to China, and punish them there.

I'm against murder just as I assume you and all Hong Konger's are, but the problem with this law they want to pass makes it so everyone elses rights are robbed from them, and it will be pushed inch by inch to rob people of their rights more and more, until they're under absolute slavery.

Backup video in case the above is deleted, like the recent Project Veritas video I linked to.

Look at China's facial recognition and social credit score systems

These are already used to enslave the people of China en masse, and it will only get worse if it spreads around the world. See the video above for an example. There are many others that go into it more in depth.

With all your demotions, now you can't buy a plane ticket, train ticket, get a loan, rent a house, and many other things that make life possible. You will be forced to conform to the will of your rulers or die on the street, choked out from society for valid criticisms or minor things. No independent thought allowed. And all it takes to make it even worse is the whim of some politician.

This is what the Hong Konger's fear, so practically the entire city is protesting, or is with them in spirit. While in the US you have losers like Antifa and the mainstream media who want to push Communism, side with China, and ignore the fact that China has murdered over 100 million of it's own people under Communism.

So what can you do about this?

Boycotting is easiest thing you can do right now. Be aware of the scams people in power try to pull, and the direction their scams can be taken. They're usually incremental, so be cautious.

You can also stop supporting products and businesses that are designed to enslave and destroy you. Look for alternatives. There are too many categories for so many things to list here, but an alternative always exists. For help finding them, you might want to use duckduckgo or qwant search engines.

I hope this helps in some way.

And if anyone needs any web apps or a web site that doesn't censor you for unpopular opinions, contact me.


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