Beat Shadowbans From Internet Censorship Giants Facebook, Google and Twitter with your own website


"But they're a private company!!"

This is a common phrase I've heard from people who don't mind Facebook, Google, and Twitter slapping their big swinging genetically modified dick around to ban free speech. Within the past few days, those companies have banned even the mere MENTION of people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and so on, unless they condemn them. As if they were Voldemort or Satan. I remember when I was a kid and Democrats cared about free speech...

But now they're aiming for a dystopian Orwellian nightmare.

A Dictatorship without the right to speak will disappear people into the night with no trace: No judge, no jury, no speaking allowed. You say something the ruler doesn't like?? You die, and you and your family can't even complain about it. Think Mao, and every other shithole Communist country that murdered the majority of their population.

These actions don't surprise me though because the mainstream media has been double standards and lies since I was born. To keep our future from a hellish reality, we have to take action to defeat them now.

Decentralization: The best way to keep your first amendment rights on the internet

First know your enemy: The above companies and many others have enticed the people of the world to get accounts at their web sites to build their platforms. They use your interests and attention as the product to sell to their advertisers. And when people get popular on them and say something their rulers disapprove of, they get squashed for a "thought crime".

Beating censorship the easy way

  1. Have your own website, and give it the same functionality that bypasses the digital ghettos of today. I can recreate / implement software for pretty much anything you see on the internet today. Since the aforementioned digital gulags have colluded with many other companies to ban the unspeakables: very few can be trusted. I've already made alternatives to things like GoFundMe, MailChimp, private messaging apps, and so on. So if you need something done, let me know.
  2. Use a different payment gateway that respects you. Because even companies like Chase bank have been debanking people. Which is next level dictator crap that Hitler did. His name is so overused when trying to shame people into submission, but in this case it's a fair point. If you need a payment gateway that will respect you, let me know, because they do exist.
  3. Use RSS / Atom feeds to get info directly to your users. These are cheap workarounds for push notifications. It's a direct line to let people know about your content. They subscribe and never have to log in to a website - no password or username needed. You can't ben shadowbanned either because the digital gulags have no power over your site. They are one of the most under used and genius inventions of web technology to bypass censorship and rbing down the cost of development.

So if anyone ever needs a website or some web apps - maybe the next Patreon alternative or Facebook - feel free to contact me!


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