Do Wearable Face Projector's Confuse Facial Recognition Cameras?


Privacy advocates created a facial projector to conceal identity, reminiscent of "A Scanner Darkly's" scramble suit

A very freaky looking facial projector has been made to help people hide their faces from intrusive cameras. Supposedly, it can conceal facial structure, emotions, and thus your identity. The following video came from an earlier YouTube video in 2017, but have a quicker look here:

Hong Kong Protestors take note

Beware of making and using something like this. Facial recognition cameras are blinded by certain LED lights, but I fear some lenses might have filters to show the correct profile of your face and bone structure. And on the off chance I NEEDED to conceal my identity in public, personally, I'd go with either:

There are other options, but the 2nd and 3rd ones above make the most sense to me, and would be the most cost effective. Plus unlike the mask, you'd be able to speak and people would see your lips moving, so you wouldn't stick out like an elephant in the living room. The projector is just too obvious. Freaky and cool, but too obvious. I would also be cautious of adding too much prosthetic, because I'd be concerned that newer cameras might have a heat sensitive filter that might detect abnormal patches of heat on your face.

And if anyone needs any web apps or a web site that doesn't censor you for unpopular opinions, contact me with the link up top. PGP emails are now supported.


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