YouTube 2018 rewind video dethrones Justin Bieber's "Baby" for most disliked video of all time


Hilarious results of YouTube showing it's severe lack of connection to the majority of it's user base

Youtube recently uploaded it's annual 2018 rewind video, supposedly showcasing it's "most important" highlights of the year. The response has been golden. It was released on December 6th, 2018, and 8 days later it has:

What this shows us, and how this will effect us in the future

If you watch the Logan Paul scandal video, it pretty obvious that there are levels of respect in the YouTube heirarchy. If you can kiss ass and suck dick, refuse to criticize their political ideologies, and pump out out worthless drivel: You get rewarded.

Because the people who constantly get demonetized and censored are the ones who do the opposite. Especially when they show expose the double standards of people like the fake feminist's who ignore real atrocities. The first thing women would do in ISIS controlled Syria when they were freed is to remove their hijabs, and / or burn them, not talk about how it's empowering and sexy. But that's politically incorrect, so you get punished.

If people keep supporting others that continuously lie to us, and believe the crap they say without question: Our world will eventually sink into a communist shithole like Venezuela, where people are literally starving to death.

Social media alternatives to join for uncensored truth, to boycott the crooks ruling over us

Join, a free speech twitter and patreon alternative. You can say anything you want as long as you aren't calling for imminent danger, or promoting illegal things like drugs. The Patreon alternative is almost ready to ship. is another. is another. This is about the same as the above. You post stuff, and it gets upvoted. It's another source to get real news from without being censored.

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